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Brasserie Cantillon Sophia Lambic 2023

Brasserie Cantillon Sophia Lambic 2023


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This unique collaboration with Cantina Giardino features a three-year-old lambic infused with 300 grams per liter of Greco grapes. A young lambic is then added to initiate a second fermentation in the bottle, resulting in a hazy, lively beer that impresses with its complex herbal and briny notes. Truly thrilling and distinctive.



The Greco grapes for this wine come from the same vineyard as T’ara rà, situated 650 meters above sea level in Santa Paolina. The grapes spent 264 days macerating on their skins in small terracotta amphorae made from local vineyard clay, followed by six months of aging in casks. The result is a wine with delicate citrus, spice, and brine notes, framed by neat tannins and a pleasant saltiness. It pairs perfectly with the rustic, deeply savory dishes typical of the surrounding hills.

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