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Glen Scotia

Glen Scotia Double Cask Whisky 70cl

Glen Scotia Double Cask Whisky 70cl


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Glen Scotia, nestled in the Victorian Whisky Capital of the World on the west coast of Scotland, stands as a testament to Campbeltown's stoic and proud community spirit. With a rich history of resilience, Glen Scotia prevailed against the odds, becoming one of the last remaining distilleries in the region. Glen Scotia Double Cask whisky offers a captivating introduction to the distillery's range, showcasing that age is no sole determinant of character. Aged in first-fill bourbon barrels and finished for 12 months in PX sherry casks, this expression unveils delightful toffee and fudge notes, providing a harmonious blend of rich, spicy fruit flavors and distinctly Campbeltown characteristics. The nose hints at crème caramel, toffee, apple, peach, and sea spray, while the palate delivers a luxurious experience with rich spicy fruits, toffee, and fudge. The finish lingers with vanilla oak and gentle spice, leaving a lasting impression of Glen Scotia's exceptional craftsmanship.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Vibrant fruit emerges first (peach flesh and green apple peels), followed by chewy vanilla fudge, a hint of salinity, then an array of oak-y spices including some char.

Palate: Opens with more fudge with a little dusting of powdered sugar. Powerful, oily and a touch herbaceous with some German brandy character.

Finish: Sherried notes come through more on the finish.

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