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Grao Vasco Tinto

Grao Vasco Tinto


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The 2021 Dão Tinto from Grão Vasco promises a rich and bold Portuguese red wine experience, capturing the essence of the Dão region's unique terroir. With a complex palate, well-integrated tannins, and a lingering finish, this vintage showcases the winemaking excellence of Grão Vasco. Sourced from picturesque vineyards in the Dão region, the wine reflects the diverse terroir, resulting in a product that embodies the spirit of the region. Meticulous vinification preserves the unique qualities of the grape varieties, making it a versatile pairing for a range of exquisite dishes. Serve this wine at the recommended temperature, allowing it to breathe briefly before indulging in the luxurious flavors crafted by Grão Vasco. Immerse yourself in the richness of Portuguese tradition with the 2021 Dão Tinto.

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