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Bodegas Bastida

Lela Del Mar Blanco

Lela Del Mar Blanco


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With a lively 12% alcohol by volume, Lela captures the essence of enjoying the Mediterranean charm of Spain – from its sun-kissed beaches and vibrant restaurants to lively nightspots and delightful wines. This wine, much like Lela herself, is a celebration of unalloyed fun. It dazzles with bright, ripe, and tropical flavors, presenting a delightful fruit bowl of sensations. Fresh and delicious, Lela's wine is a testament to the joyous spirit she shared with those around her, inviting everyone to savor the pleasures of life.

Tasting Notes

Lela taught us all how to enjoy Mediterranean Spain, the beaches, the restaurants, the nightspots, the wine and of course how to play dominoes. Bright, ripe, tropical, a real fruit bowl of flavours- this has Lela's unmistakable stamp of unalloyed fun. Fresh and delicious.

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