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Leopold Gourmel

Leopold Gourmel Premier Saveurs 6 Carats Cognac

Leopold Gourmel Premier Saveurs 6 Carats Cognac


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Léopold Gourmel is a Cognac producer created by Olivier Blanc and Pierre Voisin in 1972. The estate is named after Pierre’s grandfather Léopold, a renowned viticulturalist and horse saddler. Today, Léopold Gourmel is still part-owned and managed by Olivier Blanc, who shares a similar winemaking approach to Paolo De Marchi of Isole e Olena and Grégory Patriat of Jean-Claude Boisset: “start with great quality grapes and transform them into a superb product in the bottle”.

The grapes for Léopold Gourmel’s wines are sourced from the ‘Fins Bois’ area of Cognac, known to produce grapes that create richer, aromatic wine styles. As a result, Olivier’s Cognacs don’t require the addition of sugar, oak flavouring or additional colour after the distillation and ageing process. The Léopold Gourmel Cognacs are made solely from single vintage wines. They are classified by the aromas most prevalent as the vintage develops in cask, such as fruity, floral or spicy. They are then further classified according to age, with the 6, 10 and 15 Carats reflecting the minimum number of years each Cognac has spent ageing in fine-grained oak barrels.

Each vineyard is harvested and fermented separately. Atypically for the region, all Olivier's cognacs are made from a single vintage. The wines age on their fine lees to increase intensity and complexity. A "fat" distillation takes place to create a slightly less pure but more aromatic spirit, with greater ageing potential. The cognacs age in fine-grain Allier oak casks, of which 20% is new. A light filtration removes any residues left in the spirit without stripping the aromas and flavours. Reduction of the alcohol level from 70% to 40% takes place as slowly as possible, by adding the spirit to water (adding water to the spirit is the more common practice but this encourages the loss of aromas, and results in a cognac with a soapy, creamy flavour). Unlike cognacs on the mass-market, no additives are used. Premieres Saveurs is the youngest Cognac; it is aged for six years and, using the traditional system, is equivalent to an older V.S.O.P.

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