About Us

Discover the story behind The Beerhive, where passion meets community! Founded by Peter Sherry in 2011 in the vibrant Cannonmills area of Edinburgh, Scotland, The Beerhive emerged from Peter's 9 years of experience in the wine and beer trade. His vision was clear: to curate a beer range that captures the essence of each style and country worldwide.

 Crafting a diverse beer selection, Peter, alongside his dedicated team, prioritised customer preferences, fostering the highest levels of customer service. The local community played a pivotal role in shaping the store's atmosphere, making it a true reflection of its surroundings.

The commitment extended to the wine range, where Peter drew inspiration from his travels through the wineries of Italy, France, and Spain. Emphasising family producers who cherish their terroir, The Beerhive became a haven for those seeking unique and authentic flavours.



Peter's passion for spirits, including whisky and gin, manifested in an ever-evolving range that spotlighted Scottish distilleries and beyond, he has been a judge for the Scottish Beer awards, Scottish Gin awards and the Scottish Whisky awards for the last 8 years. As the years unfolded, The Beerhive transformed into a thriving community hub, earning recognition as Scottish Retailer of the Year in 2015 and 2016 and Store of the Year in 2021.

 Beyond accolades, The Beerhive remains deeply rooted in community engagement. Daily tastings invite visitors to explore a variety of open beers, and on select Friday evenings, meet brewers and distillers during free producer tastings. The commitment to showcasing excellent products extends to online customers, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and well-informed.


 The Beerhive invites you to join this dynamic journey, where the love for quality beverages meets the warmth of community. Feel free to explore, ask questions, and savor the exceptional offerings curated just for you. Cheers to the spirit of The Beerhive!