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Chinati Vergano

Chinati Vergano Americano

Chinati Vergano Americano


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From a small workshop tucked away in the backstreets of Asti, the Vergano family, led by Mauro Vergano and his nephew Tomasso, produces exceptional aperitifs and digestifs. Mauro, a former chemist for a leading pharmaceutical company in Italy, with expertise in flavor and aroma development, brings his passion for drinks to life through Vermouth, Chinati, and other treasures crafted in quantities large enough to satisfy those in the know. Known as vini aromatizzati, these drinks involve adding various aromatic ingredients to base wines, which are fresh, clean, and balanced, providing an ideal foundation for the ensuing flavor alchemy. Mauro's drinks, characterized by impeccable taste, exhibit outstanding balance, length, and complexity, making them a perfect way to commence or conclude a meal.

One notable creation is the Americano, a traditional Piedmontese apéritif. Derived from the French "amér," it resembles vermouth but typically includes additional bitter elements. Mauro's version is based on Grignolino sourced from his niece-in-law, Nadia of Cascina Tavijn. It involves blending the wine with raw alcohol infused with sugar, wormwood, savory, orange peel, gentiana root, and various dry Italian pantry herbs. Served over ice with a splash of soda and a slice of orange, Mauro's Americano has become a cult classic, consistently delivering a delightful experience.

Tasting Notes

From Asti's hidden workshop, the Vergano family, led by Mauro and nephew Tomasso, crafts exceptional Vermouth and Chinati. Mauro, a former chemist, infuses aromatic ingredients into balanced base wines, creating impeccable drinks with outstanding taste, balance, and complexity. One gem is the Americano, a Piedmontese apéritif based on Grignolino. Blended with raw alcohol infused with botanicals, it's a cult classic, served over ice with soda and orange slice for a delightful experience.

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