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Domaine de Perreau

Domaine de Perreau Montravel Sec

Domaine de Perreau Montravel Sec


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Domaine Perreau's 2023 white wine offers a captivating blend of Sauvignon, Sauvignon Gris, and Semillon grapes, meticulously crafted in the scenic Montravel AOC of Bergerac, France. Gaëlle Reynou-Gravier, the fifth-generation steward of the domaine, brings a global perspective and agronomist expertise to the winemaking process.

Firmly committed to sustainability, Gaëlle steered the domaine towards eco-friendly practices upon her return in 2013, earning the Terra Vitis certification for her efforts. This dedication to environmentally-conscious viticulture infuses every sip of the wine with a sense of harmony and respect for nature.

In the glass, the 2023 vintage exudes elegance and poise, its bright character making it an ideal choice for any occasion, especially those mid-week moments of relaxation. With an alcohol content of 13%, it strikes a perfect balance, inviting enjoyment without overwhelming the senses.

Under Gaëlle's guidance, Domaine Perreau has become a beacon of sustainable winemaking, where tradition meets innovation in every bottle. This white wine, with its timeless appeal and exceptional quality, embodies the essence of the domaine's legacy and promises an unforgettable tasting experience.

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