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Idle Assembly

Idle Assembly Rum Miniature 5cl

Idle Assembly Rum Miniature 5cl


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Idle Assembly is an expertly crafted rum that presents a harmonious blend of rums aged between five and twenty years from various Caribbean regions, including Trinidad and Tobago, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Panama. Maturation occurs in white oak casks, formerly used for American Bourbon, with the unique microclimate of Barranquilla imparting its heat and humidity to enhance the aging process. Rooted in Hispanic rum-making traditions, the rum undergoes molasses fermentation and column distillation, resulting in a limited production gem characterized by its dry, oaky, and smooth profile. With no added sugar or coloring, Idle Assembly Rum delivers a nuanced experience, appealing to both connoisseurs and newcomers. The tasting notes feature an amber hue, aromas of funk, grass, and orchard fruit, a medium-bodied and aged palate with hints of paprika, and a long finish with toasted bread and tropical notes.

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