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Ileach Islay Whisky Miniature 5cl

Ileach Islay Whisky Miniature 5cl


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The Ileach Peaty is a youthful and boldly peated single malt whisky hailing from a clandestine Islay distillery, independently bottled by the Vintage Malt Whisky Company. Reflecting its Islay origins, the name "Ileach" refers to the Islay natives. Unapologetically peaty, this whiskey delivers a robust experience. The nose is characterized by youthful peat, herbal tones, oak, and coastal hints. On the palate, it offers impeccably smooth malty notes, intertwined with peat, peppery spices, tannins, and a subtle touch of fruit. The finish features faint iodine, coastal nuances, and lingering maltiness, completing the Islay-inspired journey.

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