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La Petite Soeur

La Petite Soeur Kumu 2022

La Petite Soeur Kumu 2022


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Adrien de Mello, originally from Brittany, has found a home in Anjou, France, where he tends to four hectares of vineyards planted over schist in and around the village of Saint Aubin de Luigné. Primarily working with organic and biodynamic practices, Adrien ploughs by horse and incorporates wild plants like nettle, comfrey, yarrow, and buckthorn for teas used in the vineyards. With both organic and biodynamic certifications achieved in just a few years, Adrien's commitment to detail results in wines with exceptional clarity and a profound purity of fruit.

His winemaking in the cellar reflects a gentle touch, featuring subtle extractions to unveil just enough detail and nuance from the grapes. Adrien places a strong emphasis on expressing the perfume of each grape variety while harnessing the distinctive character that schist imparts. The wines, marked by freshness, fragrance, and invigorating qualities, offer a unique representation of Anjou's terroir according to Adrien's vision. In particular, the Grolleau Gris, Chenin Blanc, and Sauvignon Blanc blend captivates with its playful notes of guava, grapefruit, sea salt, and spice, creating a wine of genuine intrigue.

Tasting Notes

Adrien's cellar approach is gentle, focusing on nuanced extractions and expressing grape variety perfumes with the schist's distinctive character. The Grolleau Gris, Chenin Blanc, and Sauvignon Blanc blend stands out with guava, grapefruit, sea salt, and spice notes, offering a wine of genuine intrigue.

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