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Nicolas Roux & Olivier Techer

Nicolas Roux & Olivier Techer Le Bordeaux De Paysan

Nicolas Roux & Olivier Techer Le Bordeaux De Paysan


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"The Bordeaux Du Paysan" embodies the essence of farmer's wine, an intriguing departure from the conventional Bordeaux style. Yet, it is precisely this authentic and unadulterated character that elevates it to greatness.

This wine pays homage to its origins, rooted deeply in the land and history, while simultaneously embracing the present with its straightforward, unpretentious nature. It beckons to be shared among friends, devoid of any airs, yet proudly bearing the Bordeaux label.

Crafted predominantly from purebred Merlot grapes sourced from vines aging between 25 to 60 years, it derives its distinctiveness from the calcareous-clayey soil of its terroir.

Unconstrained by convention, "Le Bordeaux Du Paysan" stands as a beacon of freedom and accessibility. Even in its presentation, opting for a Burgundy bottle, it communicates a rebellious spirit—a Bordeaux wine, yet not confined by Bordeaux norms.

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