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Olivers Cider

Olivers at the Hop #11

Olivers at the Hop #11


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The Oliver family farm, steeped in tradition as a former hub for hop cultivation, welcomes back a cherished infusion from its past. Crafted with care, their cider embodies a harmonious blend of dryness, bittersweetness, and tannic depth. Infused with esteemed UK-grown Admiral and Harlequin hops, each sip reveals a sublime balance. Unlike previous renditions featuring potent new-world hops that risked overpowering, this iteration achieves perfection with its delicate equilibrium. Earthy undertones intertwine with piney accents, enhancing the cider's innate beauty. It's not just a beverage; it's a masterclass in the art of balance, a testament to the Oliver family's commitment to excellence.

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