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Pivnica Brhlovce

Pivnica Brhlovce Pesecka Leanka Happiness

Pivnica Brhlovce Pesecka Leanka Happiness


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Ján Záborský’s winery, Pivnica Brhlovce is located in UNESCO village of Brhlovce. The cellar is
in one of the famous caves of Brhlovce, where in the 16th-century locals dug into the tuff
bedrock to create homes and shelters. In the past, this is where Ján's grandmother received
visitors, today it's where the wines ferment and age.
Ján produces low-intervention wines from grapes grown on the slopes of the caldera formed
by the eruption of the Sitno stratovolcano. The bedrock of tuffs and highly mineral soils
combined with the colder and more humid microclimate of this region provides the perfect
environment for lighter wines with a mineral spine and robust acidity. The production shows
wonderful variety between vintages as Ján believes in letting the wines ‘do their thing’, with
some years producing bone dry wines and other wines with a bit of residual sugar.
Ján’s total production is around 20,000 bottles a year.
All the wines are naturally fermented, unfined, unfiltered and with no or minimum sulphites
added before bottling. They're all vegan too.

Tasting Notes

Single varietal Feteasca Regala, harvested in 50
years old Modorik vineyard. After de-stemming,
crushed grapes fermented for 7 days, before a
light pressing. Wine then aged 11 months in a
stainless steel tank. The aroma is dominated by
apricot and orange peel, with a background of
meadow flowers. Fresh and harmonic acids.
Bottled with a small dose of Sulfites.
Pairing with middle east or asian spicy food.

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