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Quarticello Despina

Quarticello Despina


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Discover Emilia-Romagna with this captivating organic wine from Roberto Maestri, crafted with care from Malvasia di Candia grapes harvested from young vines planted over gravel soils.

Embracing organic farming practices and the principles of natural winemaking, Roberto allows the grapes to express their true character. Hand-picked and fermented with natural yeast in cuve, this wine undergoes a unique second fermentation process akin to Pet Nat. Roberto adds a touch of must from the same vineyard before bottling, initiating fermentation in the bottle, leaving the lees to impart their essence.

The result is a delightful lightly sparkling wine, clouded with character and bursting with flavor. Grapefruit notes dance alongside a salty minerality, creating a sensory journey with every sip.

Roberto's dedication to organic viticulture shines through in every aspect of his winemaking. His five hectares of vines, nestled in clay-gravel soils, yield wines that are deceptively simple yet profoundly delicious. Perfect for any occasion, Roberto's wines excel in refreshment and are the ideal companion for tables adorned with salumi or cheese.

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